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Christmas Game Stocking List

Christmas Game Stocking List: As we lead into this Christmas season, you’ll be straining for ideas of what to get your friends and family. Well, I am going to help you buy for that lucky tabletop gamer in your life.

To create this list there were two conditions I wanted to meet. Firstly, the game had to fit into a standard Christmas stocking. Secondly, the game has to be available in Australia for under 30 dollars (I have included links to mighty ape to help with this).
Honourable Mentions: Before we start, I just want to mention some games that were just shy of making the list due to cost.
Two honourable mentions are the Pack-o-Game series offered by Perplexed Games and the wallet game series by Button Shy Games. Both game series includes a variety of light to heavy games which come in the fun form of tiny packaging.
A couple of highly recommended games from Pack-o-Games are 'Spy' (deduction game) and 'Taj' (strategic bluffing game). Both of these games are filled wi…

Terrible Candidates: Review

Terrible Candidates: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Party, Debating  Player Age: 12+  Player Count:3 - 8 Players  Time to Play:20 - 40 Minutes  Game Designer: Sean Dowling, Jack Ford Morgan
Game Artists: Sean Dowling
Publisher: Half-Monster Games Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: Are you tired of Trump being president? Do you really think you could do better? Well, now it's time to prove what you’re worth with 'Terrible Candidates'. If you win enough debates you could be the groups' new president and rule the people how you see fit.

Card Anatomy: The cards are simple and come in two types; topic cards and policy cards.
Topic Cards: This is the topic that to be debated by the two presidential candidates.

Policy Cards: This will be played to finish the sentence of the topic card to meet your view and agenda of the topic card.

How to Play: Let's get this debate underway. Firstly, choose two eager (or unlucky) candidates…