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Burning Rome: Review

Burning Rome: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Pre-constructed Deck Building, Hand Management, Head to Head, Card Placement Player Age: 14+ Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 15 - 30 Minutes Game Designer: Emil Larsen Game Artists: Caner Inciucu, Angelita Ramos Publisher: Sun Tzu Games Year Published: 2018 BGG Complexity: 1/5 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: Burning rome is a head to head game where the aim is to defeat your opponent by destroying their army by reducing their command points (CP) or army strength (AS) to zero. Card Anatomy:Unit cards:
Each unit card has the same features:
1. Attack Value: This will be used as the attack value if another card is on top of this card in the column or if this is the first and only card in a column. 2. Unit Type: certain cards effects are based on certain unit types. 3. Defence Value: This will be used as the defending value if this card is covered in the column or if this is the only …

Arcane Bakery Clash: Review

Arcane Bakery Clash: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Memory, Push Your Luck, Time Track, Hand Management Player Age: 8+ Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play: 30 Minutes Game Designer and Artist:Robin Gibson Publisher:  Button Shy Games
Release Date: 2018 The Game:Objective: Arcane Bakery Clash is a head to head game where you are a chef and you’re tired of your coworker so you have challenged them to a duel. To win the duel and show who is truely head chef you must deplete your opponents health to zero before yours is.

Card Anatomy: In this micro games there are two player cards and the rest of the cards consist of oven cards.

Player Cards:
This player card will represent each players health on the right hand side going from ten to zero.

Oven Cards:
The next three cards monster, duration and spell cards have several factors in common:
     - Each card has oven art on the backside of the card that represents the card ‘cooking’ (more on this in how to play)
     - the name and art of the card

Stupid Users: Kickstarter Preview

Stupid Users: Kickstarter PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Take That, Semi Co-op,
Player Age: 13+
Player Count: 2 - 4 (Possibly 6) Players
Time to Play: 15 - 25 Minutes
Game Designer: Mandy and Matthew Jacobs
Publisher: Dent Ventures
Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
The Game: Objective:The aim of the game is to gain 10 minions on your battlefield or to get each component to spell out B.E.T.A. But be careful as other players will have ample chances to thwart your impending victory. Whats more, if the NPC ‘Der Magicker’ (DM) gains 10 or more minions they win and all players lose.
Card Anatomy: Character cards: The characters have two sides to their cards; one is human and the other is the zombified version.
As a human, playable characters each have a unique ability that can be used once three permanents of their symbol is gained. If the character has been turned into a zombie, they can destroy any cards with their symbol from their field at the start/end of …

Robotech Force of Arms: Review

Robotech Force of Arms: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Area Control, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Competitive, Take That
Player Age: 8+
Player Count: 2 Players
Time to Play: 20 - 40 Minutes
Game Designer: Dave Killingsworth
Game Artists: Andora Cidonia, Andrew Cramer, Joel Lopez
Publisher: SolarFlare Games
Release Date: 2018
BGG Complexity: 2 / 5
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
The Game: In this game you will be using your fighters to defend your ships or attack the enemies during the scoring phase. Whoever gains the most victory points and best defended their own fleet through strategic fighting techniques will be the ultimate victor.
Token and Card Anatomy:Tokens:
There are four types of tokens you will use; defence and attack, ship lock, protoculture, and spy.

Attack and Defence:
These are placed during the token phase to give ships of your choice one more defence or one more attack.

Ship Lock:
These can be used during the tactical phase or the tokens ph…

Munchkin CCG: Review

Munchkin CCG: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Head to head, Bluffing, Collectible,  Player Age: 10+ Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play: 20 - 40 Minutes Game Designers:Eric Lang, Kevin Wilson Game Artists:  Katie Cook, Lar DeSouza, John Kovalic, Mike Lucas, Ian McGinty, Tom Siddell, Shane White Publisher: Steve Jackson Games Release Date: 2018 BGG Complexity: 2.5 / 5
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: The objective of the game follows traditional collectable card games (CCGs) where you either want to deplete your opponent’s life (represented here as a hero) or to make it so your opponent cannot draw a card.  Card Anatomy: There are multiple card types that are a perfect blend between traditional munckin games and typical CCGs. These are monsters, loot, location, hero, ally and mischief. For this current explanation the colour of the cards don't matter, More on this in deck building.
These cards are used to attack your oppo…

Kitten Klash: Review

Kitten Klash: Review
Information:Mechanics: Real Time, Pattern Recognisation Player Age:6+ Player Count: 2 Players, 4 players with two decks. Time to Play: 1 - 2 Minutes Game Designers:Alice Davis, Matt Jacobs Game Artists:  Claire Donaldson Publisher: Daily Magic Games Release Date: 2018 BGG Complexity: 1 / 5
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: The aim is to reach the largest amount of points by collecting matching cards in the game using your cat-like speedy reflexes.

Card Anatomy: There are two decks, both identical except for the back art and the cat on the front of the card. Each deck will have a collection of seven coloured cards. One of which, the grey, being a wild and equalling all colours.

Set Up: Seperate the two decks, shuffle them individually and give one deck to each player. That's it, easy right!

How to Play: Keep in mind that this game will happen in real time, so both players play their cards simultanously.
Each p…