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First Impressions: Unstable Unicorns, yay or nay?

So today at my friendly local gaming store (Good Games), I played a recently kickstarted game that found great success reaching 1.8 mil on September 16th 2017. Now I didn't expect much from this game, to me it just looked like it got it's attention from the cute factor, and didn't look like it had much gameplay to keep me at the table. But lets be honest with ourselves can you say no to these cute unicorns, LOOK!!!! Unicorns !!!
Anywhooo, back to the game so the game is a super simple game. On your turn you draw a card, then play a card or draw another card. Thats that, takes 10 seconds to learn in fact it took me that long to learn as all they told me was read the cards I get and here is a player aid that will tell me everything I need to know and it did. Oh and the way you win is to gain a certain amount of fantastical creatures in your stable.
Now this game did wow me with it's immersiveness of cuteness and simple rules, however the issue with the game is it ha…


I enjoy in indulging in everything board game related, to kickstarters, news, reviews, the community driven conversations about our favourite games, and most of all playing the games whether that's with my partner, new friendly people I meet or my recently established gaming group. I just can't get enough of board games, and I decided it's time I do something to involve myself in the blog scene, as well as enhance my frankly bad writing skills. So to do this I have challenged myself to write either a board game review, A first impressions of a game, A test of a print and play or article about a expansion once a week. Since I haven't done this before I don't expect anyone to read it except for my spellcheck, but only time will tell. So if you do by chance come across this blog in your travels I implore you to comment express your thoughts and tell me how I'm wrong or feed my ego and tell me I'm right, either way engage and hopefully you will gain some enjoym…