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State of Wonder: Review

State of Wonder: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management, Player Elimination, Competitive, CCG
Time: 20 - 50 Minutes
Player Count: 2-5 Players
Designer: Emelie Rodin
Artist: Brandon Crampton
Publishers: BetterBuilt Studio
Age Range: 15+
BGG Weight (Game Complexity): 3/5
Components:Rule Book: The full rule book needs to be accessed via the State of Wonder website which is filled with game examples, keywords from cards and clarifications. The rule book is located here as the game itself doesn't come with any rule book but has a quick reference guide and link to the website's rule book.

Game Box: The game box won't last under duress however it is perfect size (both length and width) for portability and it fits in your pocket with ease.

Dice/Tokens: State of Wonder has a token pack available for purchase to add creature (referenced in-game as 'unit') tokens to the game. I can say for certain that tokens are utilised by the Ivory Syndicate and the Cult of Voices decks but s…

Alice in Shroomland: Spore Cultivation, Kickstarter Review

Alice in Shroomland: Spore Cultivation
Kickstarter ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Deck Building
Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
Player Count: 1-4 Players
Age: 18+
Designer: Nick Leo
Artist: Alisha Volkman
Publishers: Game Trippers LLC
BGG Weight (Game Complexity): 2/5

Disclaimer: This is a prototype copy so everything could change once the game is finalized.

Shroomland is not a place for the feint of heart. It contains magic mushroom leaders whose sole purpose is to fight against you; and fight dirty they will! Facing dastardly minions, dreaded curses, and local denizens, you may think the odds are stacked against you but you have the ability to make your army whatever you want. Build and manipulate your deck by buying cards that will help to defeat the scum of Shroomland; the power is yours.

Set up: All cards are sorted into piles. To help separate the piles, the cards have the word written to the left and right of the central image and the bottom rectangle is colour coded.

These piles will be:

Interview with Dan Letzring from Letiman games.

Dan Letzring Interview: Today we have a interview with Dan Letzring from Letiman games. Who has some exciting news to share, so without further ado the interview will be commenced below. (Expand Your Game in Bold and Dan is in normal font)

Ok sweet, first question Can you tell us a little bit about letiman games?
Yup, Letiman Games has been publishing games for 4 years now I am the sole member and have published Groves, Dino Dude Ranch (and its Hatchlings Expansion), Gadgeteers, and Dirigible Disaster Our latest game The Neverland Rescue just funded on kickstarter last week.

Awesome, Now let's commence with what the exciting news you have to share is ?
I am forming a publishing company with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games.

So what is the new company named and what direction will this company be going in ?
Galactic raptor games And we plan to add to the number of games we already publish each year.

Exciting so what opportunities are there to creating this company with Carla from we…

Gorus Maximus: Kickstarter Preview

Gorus Maximus: Kickstarter PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Trick-Taking
Player Age: 13+
Player Count: 2 to 8 players
Time to Play: 30 - 45 Minutes
Publisher: Inside Up Games
Game Designer: Connor McGoey, Dominique McGoey
Game Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

Disclaimer: This is a prototype copy of a print and play that I cut out and laminated so everything could be different when the game is on KickStarter and could change again once the game is finalized.

About the Game: The objective of the game is get 3 'Support Tokens', where one support token is awarded to the winner of each round, and the winner of a round is determined by the overall value of their collected cards. These card values are referred to as 'Crowd Favours' and are depicted by a positive/negative/ fractional number in a yellow circle on left hand side of the card (see below image).
There are up to 5 different 'Schools' in the game, where the number of schools in play is dependant on the amount of players. Think …