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Kickstarter impressions: Growl

Kickstarter Impressions: GrowlInformation:Mechanics: Bluffing,Social Deduction, Party Game Player Age: 10+ Player Count: 4 to 7Players  Time to Play: 10 - 15 Minutes Game Designer:Joy Vigour Game Artist: Angelina Chernyak, Rob Joseph Publisher:  Vigour, Inc The Game: Disclaimer time, what I played and have pictures for are only at a prototype stage, it was a print and play version where I printed and cut the cards myself, so the final copy will look leagues above what mine looks like and the gameplay and art still may change completely.

With the disclaimer now done I can tell you how much I love social deduction games! I own 13 of them and am constantly looking to add games to this part of my collection, they are so good that I just had a whole day devoted to social deduction games. Growl got plenty of plays on this day, both at 4 and 6 player counts. So before I begin shouting praises lets first wrap your head around how to play the game.
Card Anatomy: There are five types of cards:
- g…

Braaaainnns? Zombie dice 2 Expansion Review

Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature: Expansion ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Push Your Luck, Dice Rolling Expansion For: Zombie Dice Time: 10-20 Minutes Player Count: 2-99 Players Designer: Steve Jackson Artist:Alex Fernandez Publishers: Steve Jackson Games Age Range: 10+ How to Play: Imagine your a zombie out for his daily food of 13 brains, And pesky humans keep shooting you and making you loose the food you have gathered. Well that's what zombie dice is all about the base game has 3 colours of increasing difficulty, green (easy), yellow (meduim) and red (hard). Now imagine as this zombie you have successfully mastered these types of humans and wanted to expand your horizon on your hunt for brains. Well that's where this expansion, out of the two potential zombie dice expansions comes in. In this expansion there's the hottie (pink), hunk (white), and santa ( red background and white images). To add these 3 new dice you first have to take some out to balance the game, and these will be…