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Cryptocurrency: Review

Cryptocurrency - Review:Information:Mechanics: Economics, Trading, Push Your luck, Action Point Allowance, Commodity Speculation
Player Age: 14+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players  Time to Play: 45 - 60Minutes  Publisher: Capital Gains Studio
Game Designer: Steve Ng Wen Xi
Game Artist: Wong Chun Xi Year Published: 2018 BGG Weight: 2.00
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim of the game is simple, you want to have the most money after 5 rounds (4 for a four player game). The challenge comes when trying to sell your cryptocurrency at the right time to gain the most return. As this is a stock manipulation game, this high return can be challenging to obtain as cryptocurrency (or cryptocurrencies if there is a tie) with the most negative ‘rumours’ result in a scam where any coins not already sold of these are suddenly worthless.
Component Anatomy: Info Board: There are four of these boards, one for each cryptocurrency, and they will hold the ‘rumours…

The Damsel's Tale: Preview

The Damsels Tale: PreviewInformation:Mechanics:Asymmetry, Simultaneous Play
Player Age: 10+  Player Count: 2 Players Time to Play: 10 - 15 Minutes 
Game Designer: Paul Nicholas, Josh Sommerfeld, Alex Wynnter
Game Artist:  Senitra Thompson Publisher: Red Genie Board Games Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: This asymmetrical game has two playable characters, each with their own winning objective. The knight player wants the prince's crown but it is heavily guarded by dragons, they wants to reach the last space on the lair track to obtain the crown. As the dragon player, you want the mumma dragon to catch and scorch this unruly knight. This occurs when the mumma dragon reaches the last space on the cavern steps and have the knight out in the open. If the knight is hidden, the mumma dragon returns to the start of the cavern steps. the mumma dragon will move through mumma dragon cards that are activated by the baby dragon cards and the noisy sp…

Say Whaaat: Review

Say Whaaat: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Party, Simultaneous Play
Player Age: 14+  Player Count: 3 - 10 Players Time to Play: 30Minutes 
Game Designer: Mike Petty
Game Artist:  Nikos Rovakis Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment Year Published: 2018 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: This game is a true test of friendship and companionship. You are trying to think in the same mind space as your friends and vote on what is considered most important to the least important to the active player. Your goal is to gain the most points after each player has been the active player once.

Setup: - Each player is dealt five ranking cards going from 1-5 of the same colour

- Meeples matching those colours go onto the board for all players starting at 0.
How to Play: Each player will be the active player once. On that players turn, five word cards will be dealt to the centre of the table. Then the active player will place face-down their ranking cards next to these c…

Pigeonpocalypse: Preview

Pigeonpocalypse: PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management, Take That Player Age: 10 (18+ for NSFW) Player Count: 2 - 6 Players  Time to Play:  15 - 30 Minutes 
Game Designer: Marek Matas Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: You love the fresh nature aromas; the feel of the breeze ruffling through your feathers; this park is the place to be. But wait! The city folk have taken over your beloved reserve and it is your objective to bombard the uninvited visitors (city cards) to force them out! You cannot complete this mission alone but with the aid of your parkland brethren (park cards), all you must do is attack with strength and intelligence  to strong-arming their exit and keep their victory points as your own.
Once you have obtained a total of 15 victory points from these visitors, you win and the park is yours once more.
Card Anatomy: City Cards: These are the uninvited park visitors. There are victory points on the top left. Players will …