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Evil Overlord: Kickstarter Preview

Evil Overlord: Kickstarter PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Trading, real-time, hand management
Player Age: 6+
Player Count: 3 to 10 players
Time to Play: 5 Minutes
Publisher: Shades of Vengeance
Game Creator and Designer: Ed Jowett
Graphic Designer: Alexander Korchnev
Artwork: Sophia Michailidou

Disclaimer: This is a prototype copy so everything could change when the game launches on Kickstarter and could change again once the game is finalized.
How to play: The game begins with each player getting a total of 7 cards each of which they are not allowed to look at, sorry no peeking! Then on the count of 3...2...1 everyone can now look at there cards and begin trading.
Trading is the beginning of the first of two phases within the game.
The two phases are called: The Market Phase and The Battle Phase.

The Market Phase: This phase is reminiscent of how the game 'Pit' works in that all players are simultaneously trading a chosen number of cards for an equal return, however unlike Pit you are …

Welcome To The Dungeon: Will You Survive......

Welcome to the Dungeon: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Push Your Luck, Bluffing
Time: 30 Minutes
Player Count: 2-4 Players
Designer: Masato Uesugi
Artist: Paul Mafayon
Publishers: Oink Games, Iello

Components:Rule Book: The rule book does exactly what a good rule book does; it is clear and concise and it will get you playing the game in no time, with little to no external rule clarification needed.

Card/Tile Quality:  There's not many cards in the game so the quality is exactly where it needs to be, these cards will last through some wear and tear. The player aid is very helpful in assisting the players by showing what could be drawn in the bidding phase, as well as showing the iconography that links to specific character tiles (as highlighted in the below image). This iconography shows which items can instantly kill which enemies. The tiles are sturdy, built to last and there is less chance of wear and tear for the tiles than the cards.

How To Play: The game is very simple, there are two p…