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Holmes and Moriarty: Review

Holmes and Moriarty: Review Information:Mechanics: Drafting, Trick Taking, Asymmetrical, Simultaneous Selection, Connect in a Row, Deduction Player Age: 12+ Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play: 30 - 45 Minutes Game Designers: Brad Lackey, Joshua Tempkin
Game Artist: Heiko Gunther Publisher: Escape Velocity Games
Year Released: 2018 Objective:Moriarty is up to his old tricks again but never fear as Holmes is on the case! In this game you either play as Holmes or Moriarty. The two characters have a unique objective whereby Moriarty wants to connect 3 of his tokens on the board in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern; and Holmes wants to delay this by either playing out the 5 rounds in its entirety (without Moriarty winning), or by making it so there are no valid positions for Moriarty to place.  Card Anatomy:There are two types of cards in this game, plot cards and case cards.

Plot Cards:
These cards will have:
- A number ranging from 1 - 16 at the top left and right
- Flavour tex…

Era of kingdoms: Review

Era of Kingdoms: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Tableau/Kingdom Building Player Age: 8+ Player Count: 2 to 4 Players  Time to Play: 20 - 40 Minutes Game Designer: Michael Erisman
Game Artist: Jeff Porter The Game: The objective of the game, is to build the best kingdom by gaining the most victory points. Game play is continuous until a card named “Age of Enlightenment” is drawn from the deck. Once this occurs you have one last turn to finalise building your kingdom before the game ends and victory points are counted.
Cards: The cards come in the form of three separate decks; the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced deck. As the names suggest, players start by drawing from the basic deck and once their kingdom has advanced enough, players can then draw from the more powerful decks.
Each card is made up of several key components as seen below:

1. Name of the card.
2. Type of card - land, person, victory or event (more on these later)
3. Card level -ranging from 1-4 (used to upgrade your kingdom)

Martial Art: Review

Martial Art ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management, Simultaneous Selection
Player Age: 10+
Player Count: 2 to 4 Players (3 and 4 only with two decks)
Time to Play: 20 Minutes
Publisher: Spider-Goat Games
Game Designer: Adrian Marrs, Jonathan Ruland
Game Artist: Danielle Barnett
BGG Weight: 2.00
Year Published: 2016 The Game:Objective: The objective of martial art is to win a total of 12 points (displayed by the amount of samurai masks on each land) from the land deck or to gain 3 bridges (see right side of image below).

Card Anatomy: In the base game there are four types of cards; battle cards, legend cards, supplies cards and land cards.

Legend Cards: These battle cards have the highest value strength at 13, that are identifiable by the yellow banner and they sit aside until a player uses an ability on a different card to draw this card into their hand.

Supplies Cards: This battle card has a strength of 0, identifiable by the purple banner (see below). This card will be playable as a batt…

Flaming Pyramids: Preview

Flaming Pyramids: PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management, Tile Placement, Take That, Push Your Luck
Time: 10 - 20 Minutes
Player Count: 2-6 Players
Designer: Norbert Abel
Publishers: Cheeky Parrot Games
Age Range: 8+

The Game: In this game you are trying to play all your tiles (materials) to win. To set up, the material tiles are shuffled together and divided equally between all players to create their individual draw piles. If there is any leftover tiles, the remaining will be used to create the base of the pyramid (only the base so don’t start building upwards just yet) except for the ember materials, these are removed from the game.

Each player will then draw 5 materials for their starting hand. Each material will have a central image, a specific tile colour and a numerical weight (see image below).

How to play: So now you are ready to create a structurally unsound pyramid... or you’re just an arsonist and want to watch the pyramid burn... Either way, first you must learn how to p…

Deck of Justice: Kickstarter Review

Deck of Justice:  Kickstarter ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Team (variant), Player Elimination, Hand Management, Bluffing
Time: 1 - 60 Minutes
Player Count: 1-6 Players
Designer: Omar Khaled
Artist: Omar Khaled, Hussein Essam
Age Range: 13+

Disclaimer: This is a prototype copy of a print and play that I cut out and laminated so everything could be different when the game is on KickStarter and could change again once the game is finalized.

The Game:  There are four types of cards, heroes, load, ride and insta.

Heroes are the driving force for continued play, once you have no heroes in your hand you lose. Also, there needs to be a hero in every fight.

Loads are weaponry items you equip to your hero. Each hero has two hands so they can hold two loads(one in each hand).

Rides are used to add more heroes to the fight depending on how many seats the ride has. Only one ride can be played  per fight and will take up a hand for the main hero (they will be holding the steering wheel) however their other …

Card Caddy - Upgrade

Card Caddy - Upgrade: Today I'll be implementing a new type of review called "Upgrade" where we will be looking at game accessories and upgraded components. Today this will feature a deck box by card caddy. Now before you click away this isn't just a standard deck box this is a modular deck box. Due to the modular nature the possibilities to tweak the card caddy to suit your purpose makes the card caddy so much more desirable and reusable for different scenarios.

Deck Box -Single and Double: Currently Card Caddy comes in a single and double size (with a triple to be released in the future). To explore how much each box can hold, I used standard magic cards (as I have a million of them laying around). The single Card Caddy can hold 62 standard cards, which is about the size of a minimum standard magic deck plus some tokens, or 3 - 5 microgames.

Comparatively, the single can hold 33 sleeved cards, so like me, if you sleeve your cards you are going to want the double Ca…