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Ragnarök: Review

Ragnarök: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management, Area Control
Player Age: 12+  Player Count: 2 Players Time to Play: 10 - 20 Minutes 
Game Designer and Artist: Paul Calderwood Publisher: Invisible Kitty Games Expandable: Not Expandable Year Published: 2018 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
Objective: There is an epic battle underway between the Norse Gods (AEsir) and the Frost Giants (Jötnar). This battle is won by gaining the highest power over the majority of worlds within two rounds. This is achieved by playing cards on your side of the world to try and have the strongest value on the majority of worlds.
Card Anatomy: There are three types of cards: runes, divinity, and modifiers.
Runes: Runes can either be played vertically on a world to be used for its power, or can be played horizontally to activate its effect. Each world can only have one rune played on each side over the course of a round.
Divinity: The divinity cards consist of only power a…
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Game to Pick a Game: Review

The Game to Pick a Game: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Bidding, Filler, Variable Player Powers
Player Age: 5+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 5 Minutes 
Game Designer: Adam Carlson, Josh J. Carlson
Game Artist: Melonie Lavely, Anthony LeTourneau Publisher:Chip Theory Games Expandable: Another base game and expansions available Year Published: 2018 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Have you ever had the issue of choosing which of the many games to play? Especially when players bring their own games and have their own preferences. Well 'The Game to Pick a Game' looks to solve that issue! No longer will you have to decide what to play. Now you can simply play this quick game to then make the decision for you.
Chip Anatomy: Character and Trait: Each player has a chip and character sheet that will designate their character. This chip will also have a legend showing their corresponding bidding chips found on the flip side. Traits are…

Deer Lord: Review

Deer Lord: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Party, Deduction
Player Age: 12+  Player Count: 4 - 12 Players  Time to Play: 30 - 90Minutes 
Game Designer: Dries Publisher Lark and Clam, Monkeyshine Games Year Published: 2015
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Your aim is to reduce the cards in your hand to zero through the use of deception, out-manoeuvring and misleading your fellow players. How to Play: Deal each player five cards then the first player to declare a duel will start the game. On your turn you will either challenge another player to a duel, pass, or announce all the dupe cards you have achieved throughout opponents turns. This will continue until one player has no cards left. The first player to successfully complete all of their cards is the winner. Duel Card: These duel cards will prove who is better at certain crazy activities such as singing/rapping, story telling or creating jokes. There will be two people involved in the duel; your…

Kaiju Exchange: Review

Kaiju Exchange: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Trading, Resource Management, Economic, Variable Player Powers
Player Age: 10+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 30 - 60Minutes 
Game Designer: Steve Ng Wen Xi
Game Artist: Alan Bay
BGG Weight: 3.00 Publisher: Capital Gains Studio Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Introduction: It is time to re-enter the financial universe that capital gains has been creating throughout their economically inspired games. In 'Kaiju Exchange' you are trying to collect a total of six influence points before any other player or before the Bannana Republic NPC reaches eight points.

Game Anatomy: Wonga: This is the currency of the game. It will be used to hire and pay crew, gain influence, trade with other players and buy goods from Banana Republic. The wonga will be gained from selling goods to Banana Republic as well as completing demands and contracts.

Game Boards: Each board is an extraction site for one of the …

Sumo Gnomes: Review

Sumo Gnomes: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Dice Roller, Abstract, Two Player
Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 Players Time to Play: 1 - 5 Minutes 
Game Designer: Robbie Munn
Game Artist:  Lisa Schantl Publisher: Peculiarity Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Introduction: Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to outmanoeuvre your opposition, then push their sumo off the tree stump in this quick back and forth two player game.
Game Anatomy: The tree stump and player board:
There are numerous double sided coasters. On one side of the coaster there is the tree stump the other side has the player boards.

Each player board has the potential outcomes of the dice, as well as a placement for the two dice that were used this turn and the reserve area (unused dice that can be used on later turns).

The tree stump has a red and blue starting place for each sumo gnome as well as numerous squares that gnomes will be able to move to by following the arrows of direct…

Queenz: Review

Queenz: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Pattern Building, Set Collection, Drafting
Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 30 Minutes 
Game Designer: Bruno Cathala, Johannes Goupy
Game Artist: Vincent Dutrait Publisher: Mandoo Games, Rio Grande Games Expandable: Mini Expansion in the box Year Published: 2019 BGG Weight: 2.5
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: You are a famous beekeeper and your goal is to produce the best orchids to attract the most bees. This is achieved within the game by creating connected sets of the same coloured orchids and having bees next to your hives.

Game Anatomy: Score Board: This is the board that will track the points that each player will gain from the placement of their orchids.
Player Board: Each player board has six available places for orchids to be placed, as well as five available places for the honey pots.

Farmer: The farmer is a meeple that will move around the garden once the active player tak…