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Bilder: Review

Bilder: ReviewMechanics: Party, Pattern Building, Charades
Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 - 12 Players Time to Play: 15 - 60 Minutes 
Publisher: MonkeyShine Games Year Published: 2018 BGG Weight: 2 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
BGG Objective: The aim of the game is simple; create masterpieces from an assortment of wooden blocks (bilding pieces) to have players guess your words. Think charades but with wooden pieces. Players will use ‘how’ and ‘what’ cards which contain a letter and one victory point each. These letters are to be collected to form the word ‘Bilder’ and once this is done the player with the most points is the winner.
Card Anatomy: What Cards: Each what card has two word options that the player is able to choose from, this will be the word you are trying to convey through your two minute build. These cards are won by the guessing player.

How Cards: These are the cards that spark life into the clue giving. They add a rule or condition to h…
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Battle for Sularia: Review

Battle for Sularia: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Head to Head, Take That, Pre-Constructed Deck Builder
Player Age: 13+  Player Count: 2 Players Time to Play:30 Minutes 
Game Designer: Jesse Bergman, John Kimmel
Game Artist:  Various Publisher: Punch-It Entertainment LLC Year Published: 2016 BGG Weight: 3.25
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim of the game is to destroy your opponents sites and reduce there health from 25 to 0. This is achieved through tactics, conditions, combatants and careful planning.
Card Anatomy: Sites: These sites will cost influence to establish, and will generate sularium each turn (this solarium will be used to create combatants). Each site will also have an attack on the bottom left and health on the bottom right. Sometimes, there will also be abilities in the centre of the card.

Combatants: Combatants are designed in the same manner as sites, except that the cost on the top left is in sularium. The top right is s…

Witless Wizards: Review

Witless Wizards: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Head to Head, Take That, Drafting
Player Age: 10+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 15 - 25Minutes 
Game Designer: Chris Marling
Game Artist:  Asterman Studio Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment Year Published: 2018 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Wizards may be immortal but, unfortunately, their memories are not. You are trying to prove that you still have control of your wits and can defeat any wizard in your path. This is achieved by drafting spells for you and your opponent(s), then attacking the other players until only one victor is left standing and the rest have had their stamina reduced to zero.

Component Anatomy: Equipment Cards: There are three types of equipment cards, offensive (red), defensive (blue) and special (purple). Each wizard can only have one of each type equipped. Both the offensive and defensive cards will have a value on the left-hand side. The offensive value is the…

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Review

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Tile Placement, Drafting, Teamwork
Player Age: 10+  Player Count: 2 - 7 Players Time to Play: 40 - 60 Minutes 
Game Designer:Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset
Game Artist: Laura Bevon, Agnieszka Dabrowiecka, Bartłomiej Kordowski, Noah Adelman
Publisher: Stonemair Games Year Published: 2018 BGG Weight: 2.25 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
BGG Objective: You have been set an assignment of building two castles, however, these castles are not built by one person alone.  Instead, every player will build a shared castle together with the player on their left and right. You will draft tiles over the course of two rounds to create these two castles and you must be efficient in both as your castle with the lowest end score will be your victory points. The player with the most points will be the winner.
Component Anatomy: Regular Room Tiles: There are seven types of regular tiles which are represen…

Champion of Earth: Review

Champion of Earth: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Push Your Luck, Hand Management, Take That
Player Age: 5+
Player Count:1 - 6 Players
Time to Play: 10 - 40 Minutes
Game Designer: Ed Jowett
Game Artists: Sophia Michailidou
Publisher: Shades of Vengeance
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
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Objective: Earth has been invaded by an onslaught of aliens, undead, and creature monsters. Your job is to successfully vanquish the most monsters. In the event that all heroes fall to their knees in front of the ruling invaders, you still have a chance to be champion by having defeated the most.
Card Anatomy: Hero Cards: These cards represent your character and each player is given one before starting the game. If they are harmed during battle they will flip to their injured side. Once injured, if the hero is struck again they will die and be taken out of the game to tally their score.

Equipment Cards: These are the weapons and gadgets that are used to…

11:59: Review

11: 59: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Real-Time Player Age: 13+ Player Count: 2 Players Time to Play: 3 - 5 Minutes Game Designer and Artist:  Chris Rossetti PublisherRampage Games LLC
Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The components and rules can change in the final version. Objective: It is time to go to war! How do you win said war, well, you must launch your nuke and kill two VIP's or gain five diplomacy tokens. This game can be played as a one-off filler or in a campaign mode where the first to seven points wins (three points from killing the VIP's, and two points for winning with diplomacy).
Components: A) Dice: These are the dice that each player will roll in real time.

B) VIP Meeples: Each player will start with two of these, and will be trying to protect their own while destroying the opponents.

C) Diplomacy Gems: Used to win by diplomacy or to rebuild a chevron bunker.

D) Chevron Bunker: Protects your VIP's.

E) Nuke: D…

Demon Worker: Review

Demon Worker: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Worker Placement, Resource Manipulation, Hand Management
Player Age: 10+  Player Count: 3 - 4 Players Time to Play: 45 Minutes 
Game Designer: Shogo Kurodat Publisher: Japanime Games Year Published: 2016 BGG Weight: 2.6 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The throne of hell is empty and it is your desire to rise and take the place of the King demon. To do this you will need to hire demon workers, disperse both human and demon workers, and manage different resources such as weapons, human sacrifices, food and magical stones. This allows you to gain the most evil (victory) points and only then may you take the place of King.
Card Anatomy: There are four types of cards; human, demon, work area, and planning.
Human Cards: The human cards are the base workers and each player will begin with two. These workers have no special effects, one food cost to send off to work (dispatch cost), and two victory points ava…