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Inoka: Review

Inoka: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Tug of War/ Area Control; Rock, Paper, Scissors Player Age: 6+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players  Time to Play: 5 -20 Minutes 
Designers: Noah Miller
Artists: Amy Nagi Publisher:XYZ Game Labs
Year Published: 2018 BGG Complexity: 1.14/5 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Inoka is an evolution of rock paper scissors mixed with a unique tug of war mechanism. The game will be played over several rounds and the first player to win three rounds overall is the winner. To win a round you must successfully attack while in possession of the leaf totem, or if the round ends while you are in possession of the leaf totem.
The leaf totem is gained by winning a turn. To win a turn, you must play the strongest tactic out of the three. There are ways to play this game with more than two players but for the bulk of this review, the two-player game will be the main focus.
Game Anatomy: Tactic Cards: First and foremost there are three …
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Kings Struggle: Review

Kings Struggle: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Trick Taking, Hand Management, Negotiation, Set Collection
Player Age: 14+  Player Count: 3 - 6 Players Time to Play: 30 -  60 Minutes 
Game Designer: Robert Burke
Game Artist:  Weberson Santiago Publisher: Wizkids BGG Weight: 2.00 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Time to negotiate and plan your way to victory. In 'Kings Struggle' you will play one card each round, whoever has the highest card will win the trick and will take every card in the trick, at the end of the game these cards will be used as points based on the run of cards created and sets of the same card. The game is not that simple, each card has a unique ability that will earn gold (victory points), change the number on cards, play new cards or remove cards from the trick.
Game Anatomy: Card Anatomy: Each player will have ten cards going from one to ten (each with a unique title and artwork). There is a card class that some car…

Kings Kilt: Review

Kings Kilt: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Grid Movement, Hidden Information, Bluffing
Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 1 - 4 Players Time to Play: 30 - 45 Minutes 
Release Year: 2015
Game Designer: Gord Hamilton
Game Artist:  Tomasz Larek Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games BGG Weight: 1.63
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Through ascending the Scottish hierarchy you want to position your clans of power at the top, and as close to the top, of the pyramid. Be careful though, as cards can be played from an opponents hand to betray and remove clan members who are already at a good placement on the pyramid.
Set Up: Family Cards: - Take 1 card of each of the 8 clans, shuffle and deal each player 2 of these clans. This way each player begins with 2 unique clans.

- Deal each player a random clan from the deck. If any player has two of the same clan members then discard that card and redraw another until each player has 3 unique clans, creating their hand of f…

Noises at Night: Review

Noises at Night: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Deduction, Hand Management, Bluffing
Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 10 - 20 Minutes 
Game Designer: Floyd Lu
Game Artist:  Darina Lapkovskaya Publisher: B&B Game Studio BGG Weight: 1.67 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim of 'Noises at Night' is to gain the most points by the end of the game. This is achieved by correctly guessing the identities of other players, or one point is awarded for every face-up symbol that matches your identity and for every card played on the same location as your character by the end of the game.
Card Anatomy: Identities: This will be the identity of each player. There are eight identities and each has one of four symbols that will help that player gain points.

Player Tokens: These represent the characters in one of five locations throughout the game.

Locations: There will be five out of ten locations used every game, where th…

Rats to Riches: Re-Review

Rats to Riches: Re-ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Take That, Set Collection, Engine Building Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 - 5 Players  Time to Play:20 - 60 Minutes  Publisher:Accentuate Games LTD
Designer: Eugeune Lim BGG Complexity: 1.50/5 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Production Copy: Now that Rats to Riches has left the beta copy behind and reached a production copy, we are going to re-review the game and highlight the changes that have occurred between the two. For the full review of the beta version click here.
Production Quality: First off, the production quality has had a major overhaul. In the cheese, money, player and card markers and now has a player board.
Cheese and Money: Instead of cards representing the cheese, there are now cheese pieces that are used as well as a creative container to hold them.
The previous currency tokens have been replaced by paper money. I don’t instantly love this change but it is much easier to organise and…

Mars Attacks - Ten Minute Takedown: Review

Mars Attacks - Ten Minute Takedown: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Dexterity, Flicking, Filler Player Count: 2 - 4 Players Time to Play: 10 Minutes 
Game Designer: Phillip Reed, Randy Scheunemann, Sameul Mitschke
Game Artist: Steve Thomas Publisher: Steve Jackson Games Year Published: 2015 BGG Weight: 1.08
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The objective of the game is to purposefully flick the die from your flying saucer and land on a target to gain points. Whoever has the most points once all the targets are claimed has successfully won the game.

Setup: - Setup targets equal to the player count plus one. Targets must be distanced so that a whole other target could fit in the space between two.

- Place your flying saucer on the edge of the table next to you.
-Place the die within reach to all players.
How to Play: On your turn you will place the die in the center or your flying saucer and flick towards a target, the game is that easy. Three potent…

Megaland: Review

Megaland: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Push Your Luck, Engine Building Player Age: 8+  Player Count: 2 - 5 Players  Time to Play:20 Minutes 
Designers: Ryan Laukat, Malorie Laukat
Artists: Ryan Laukat, Noah Adelman Publisher:Red Raven Games
Year Published: 2018 BGG Complexity: 1.94/5 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: Can you face which monsters the levels throw your way in order create your own thriving megaland? The objective is easy; you want to have the most coins at the end of the game. This is achieved by enduring challenging levels to gain treasures, then spending those treasures to create buildings that will either generate coins or give special abilities. These will help you to delve further into each level, returning with even more loot to spend.
Card Anatomy: Treasures: These cards will be awarded to you as you explore a level. Each reward card has a type and a number corresponding to the amount that can be found in the deck. These trea…