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The Stars Align: Review

The Stars Align: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Abstract, Tile Manipulation, Pattern Recognition
Player Age: 6+  Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play:15 = 30 Minutes  Publisher: Breaking Games Year Published: 2018
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim is to align the night sky and create 5 shooting stars in your own colour. This is achieved by completing a full row or column with stars of your colour only.
How to Play: Use the back of the bag as the play board. The first player draws the top card of the deck and creates this pattern anywhere on the board in stars of their own colour. The pattern can be rotated in any direction (except diagonal), even mirror imaged to help with the decision of where to place.
This will continue for two phases: the dusk phase and the night phase. The dusk phase is the beginning phase and does not allow the placement to overlap with any previously played stars. However, if a card cannot be legally played without…
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Vector Wars - Interview:

Vector Wars - Interview: Today we are talking with Eli about his first game hitting kickstarter, Vector Wars.

Can you give us a brief overview of what vector wars is?

Vector Wars is a 2-player area domination game that is set in a tron style universe where the world has run dry of resources and clans fight in a virtual arena to gain one of the last remaining energy sources for there people known as Zetta Orbs.

Where does the area control mechanics kick in?

The grid is split into 9 areas on the board to place cards from your hand. These cards are placed face down which gives little to no information to your opponent as to the strength of the card placed. You will battle to keep control of the grid from your opponent to give you tactical advantages during the game and ultimately the victory.
Are there any other mechanisms at play here?

There are quite a few mechanics to this game its hard to go into all of them. When I was younger I really loved the final fantasy series and there was a li…

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow: Review

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Party, Sculpting
Player Age: 18+  Player Count: 2 - 6 Players  Time to Play:15 Minutes  Publisher Lark and Clam Year Published: 2018
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The objective is simple, gain the most points over the course of five rounds by either guessing players creations correctly or having your creations guessed correctly. So, let's hope you're the next Michelangelo.
Setup: - place the voting board in the middle
- deal each player a set of voting cards, these differ by colour
- give everyone some playdough, after all, you can't be an artist without your material.
How to Play: This game is played in real time, so there will be no separate turns for the players. The game consists of two phases; the sculpt phase and the match phase.

The Sculpt Phase:
Each player is dealt a card to see what they are trying to get the opponents to guess. Then, everyone has 30 seconds to sculpt…

Morgarhum: Review

Morgarhum Market: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand Management Player Age: 12+  Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play: 30 Minutes  Publisher: Invisible Kitty Games Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim of the game is simple, you and your opponent are rival shopkeepers where both of you want to be the best and have the most but only one can. To be this one, gain the most points from your stall items at the end of the round, not once but twice. After all, you can't only be the best once, you need to be consistently on top to gain the public’s devotion.
Card Anatomy: There are two types of cards; Goods cards and Town Officials.
Goods Cards: (now referred to as ‘good cards’) Each good card contains an image of an item to be sold in your market stall, and victory points found on the top left. Additionally, there are two abilities on the card which pertain to specific players. The first player's ability is at the top, where the second pla…

Underleague: Review

Underleague: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Bidding, Head to Head  Player Age: 14+  Player Count: 2 - 5 Players  Time to Play: 30 - 90 Minutes  Game Designer: Fergus Blair
Game Artists: Mozchops, Matt Paquette
Publisher: Cogwright Games Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: It is time to muster your creatures and run towards an all out war. If a player has 20 points at the beginning of a round, the game will end and victory points are totalled to determine a victor. As the player who ends the game with 20 points had actually gained those during the last phase of the previous round, there was time for opponents to gain more points too. With this in mind, the player with the highest amount of victory points wins and gets to brag to the others until a rematch is called. To achieve this greatness you will have to use your cunning and wit to out-strategise opponents and manipulate the round in your favour. Never fear, as this will come with practice.


Toe Sham Bo: Review

Toe Sham Bo: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: tic tac toe, hand management, rock paper scissors  Player Count: 2 Players  Time to Play: 5 - 10 Minutes  Game Designer: Frank Alberts
Game Artists: David Thomas
Publisher: Zafty Games Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Objective: The aim of the game is simple; connect three of the same cards in a row of either rock, paper or scissors. Much like the traditional tic tac toe, your connection must consist of all your own cards, differentiated here by colour.

How to Play: To begin, each player will draw three cards from their respective decks (either blue or orange). On a turn, the player will place one of the cards from their hand either on top of a purple card (designating the middle) or in an area surrounding this marker card. The intended game area will result in a three-by-three grid (similar to tic tac toe). Sounds easy right? Well, that is exactly what the base rules of 'Toe Sham Bo' is, however, there …

Unrivaled: Review

Unrivaled: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Party, Acting, Trivia
Player Age: 18+  Player Count:4 - 10 Players  Time to Play:15 - 30 Minutes  Game Designer: Kayla Van Ausdall, Matthew Dawkins, Jan Jurewicz, Staley Krause, Melissa Fountain, Sawyer Krause Game Artists: Ping Publisher Lark and Clam Year Published: 2018 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. Card Anatomy: There are two types of cards: Challenge cards and Trivia cards. As the names suggest, challenge cards will require the player(s) to complete a challenge in order to win the card, and trivia cards will require the player(s) to correctly answer a question.

Challenge Cards:
There are two types of challenge cards; activity challenges and social challenges. Both of these can be group or solo challenges which may be physical, artistic or spoken. So you’ll want your creativity to be flowing before starting, you must be the best in order to win after all.
Trivia Cards:
Just like the challenge cards, these triv…