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Era Survival Colony: Review

Era Survival Colony: ReviewInformation:Mechanics:Cooperative, Asymmetrical, Resource Management
Player Age:10+
Player Count:1 - 4 Players
Time to Play:45 - 60 Minutes
Game Designer: Ed Jowett
Game Artists: Mikhail Greuli
Graphic Designer: Jam Acosta
Publisher: Shades of Vengeance
Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
The Game: Objective: The objective of Era Survival Colony is to survive 8 rounds, while not being infected on the 8th round. Players will lose if any of these three objectives are met:
1. If the colony is infected after the 8th round
2. If the colony has been infected for three consecutive rounds
3. If all the people in the colony are infected or dead at any point.
Now remember that this is a cooperative game, so win or lose, the players will achieve this together and your best chance at survival is to plan and assist each other.

Card Anatomy:Crisis Cards:
These crisis cards will have negative effects for either the next round or will infect/kill…

Sheep Hustler: Review

Sheep Hustler: Review Information:Mechanics: Set Collection, Hand Management Player Age: 6+ Player Count:2 - 6 Players Time to Play:15- 45 Minutes Game Designer: James Hitchings Game Artists: Sam Turner PublisherMAD Games LTD
Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
The Game:  Objective: Oh no! The sheep keep escaping their pens and causing mischief, what is a good sheepdog to do? Well, it can herd these troublesome sheep into a pen. Now that's bound to help the farmer out. For sheep hustler, this is your objective. You're going to make a pen for sheep numbered one to four in either the same, alternate or mixed colours. However, if you can't achieve this then you’re going to aim for sheep of the same number. Although don’t forget, those pesky sheep will wander away again if not contained by two wooden fences. 
Setup:Each player is dealt four cards, this will be their hand (now known as their flock). Each player is also dealt two cards face up in f…

Movable Type: Review

Movable Type: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Word, Drafting Player Age: 8+ Player Count: 1 - 6 Players Time to Play:20 - 40 Minutes Game Designer: Robin David Publisher: Uncanny Cardboard
BGG Weight: 1.67 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: The game consists of five rounds, four of which will be used to gain letter cards that can then be used later in the fifth round. Whoever has the word comprising the most points in the fifth round is the winner.
Card Anatomy:Letter Cards:
There are 76 letter cards with the letter and point value at the top right and bottom left of the card. The more challenging letters will increase in points.
Vowel Cards:
These cards consist only of vowels, and share the same value placement as the letter cards.

Author Cards:
These cards have special ways to win the author at the end of the round. These abilities will be used to add letters to your collection for the fifth round.
Round Trackers:
There are five cards used…

Pug Quest: Preview

Pug Quest: PreviewInformation:Mechanics: Cooperative, Set Collection, Hand Management Player Age: 10+ Player Count: 1 - 5 Players Time to Play: 30 - 40 Minutes Game Designer: Alessandro Rivaroli Game Artists: Mariano De Biase PublisherTin Hat Games Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Objective: The aim of the game is to cooperatively defeat all enemies on three worlds, including the boss on the third world. However, if all heroes die on one world or if the heroes can not complete the world within 10 rounds then they lose.
Card Anatomy: Pug quest has six types of cards: treasure, energy, monsters, heroes, bosses, and worlds.

By defeating enemies and surviving worlds, players can gain treasures. These cards give the players one time effects or equipment that can be used multiple times.

There are five energy types: strength, speed, intellect, spirit, and magic. Additionally, there is a wild ability called ‘jolly’ that can mimic any…

Valeria Card Kingdoms: Review

Valeria Card Kingdoms: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Card Drafting, Deck/Pool Building, Action Selection, Dice Rolling Player Age: 13+ Player Count: 1 - 5 Players Time to Play: 30 - 45 Minutes Game Designer: Isaias Vallejo Game Artists: Mihajlo Dimitrievski PublisherDaily Magic Games Year Published: 2016 BGG Complexity: 1.99/5 Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The Game: Valeria Card Kingdoms may start off slow as you patiently wait for your resources to build, but once they do you will be submerged into a world of magic, riches, faithful citizens, expanding domains, and terror-inducing monsters; the likes of which you have never seen!
Try as you will, but every monster you defeat only returns stronger and more difficult until finally, you see the ultimate boss. The head honcho. The big cheese! This battle will be the stuff of legends and it is up to you to defend your glorious empire and push forward to VICTORY. With your ever present Duke by your side, …