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Gremlins Inc. Kickstarter Review

Gremlins Inc. Kickstarter ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Hand management, Set collection, Tableu builder, Take that
Player Age: 12+
Player Count: 2 - 6 Players
Time to Play: 45 Minutes
Game Designer: Alexev Bokulev
Game Artists: Yaroslav Pavlyshynets
Publisher: Czacha Games
Release Date: 2015
BGG Complexity: 3 / 5
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.
The Game: Objective: The aim of the game is to reach a certain amount of prestige points by either using actions or building blueprints. For a quick game the goal is 10 prestige points, and for a longer game 20 or 30 prestige points is recommended.
Card Anatomy: There are three types of cards; blueprints, blueprint permanents, and actions cards.

There are no cards in the game designed only as a resource. Instead, every card in the game can be used as a resource and also has additional purposes. The cards resource is displayed as a banner at the top of the card resources come in three colours; gold (most common); red …

Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle: Review

Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Programming, Modular board, Competitive
Player Age: 13+
Player Count: 2  Players
Time to Play: 15 - 30 Minutes
Game Designer: Jason D. Kingsley
Game Artists: Fabio Fontes, Laura La Vito
Publisher: Level 99 Games
Release Date: 2018
BGG Complexity: 2 / 5
The Game: Objective: The aim is to gain the most points over three rounds by collecting artifacts and chest tiles.
Card/Tile Anatomy:Role Cards:
The role cards represent the treasure hunters characters that will be used, each player has eight role cards that are exactly the same as each other. The cards have a initiative number on the top left, which will be used to resolve in the castle phase (more on this in how to play). On the bottom of the card there will be regulations on where the role can be placed and what the role will achieve when the castle phase resolves.
Artefact Tiles:
These tiles are free for the players to claim in the castle phase and will give you points …

Temporal Odyssey: Review

Temporal Odyssey: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Head to head, Drafting, Competitive
Player Age: 12+
Player Count: 2 - 4 Players
Time to Play: 20 - 45 Minutes
Game Designer: Chris Solis
Game Artists: Megan Cheever, David Thor Fjalarsson, Laura La Vito
Publisher: CGC Games, Level 99 Games
Release Date: 2018
BGG Complexity: 3 / 5
The Game: Objective: The objective of the game is to make your opponent too unstable to travel, by giving them three instabilities then defeating their traveler while unstable. There are two ways to give your opponent an instability, either by killing their traveler (where each time the traveler dies they gain one instability), or by using effects of cards such as artifact cards to give instabilities. 
Card Anatomy: Their are several card types; travelers, characters, spells, artifacts, instabilities and tokens.

Travelers: The travelers are who you will be playing as. At the bottom left of the card there will be an attack value, and health points at the bottom righ…

Super Kitty Bug Slap: Review

Super Kitty Bug Slap: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Action / Dexterity, Speed, Memory, Party, Real-time, Pattern Recognition Player Age: 6+ Player Count: 3 to 5 Players  Time to Play: 20 Minutes Game Designers:Samuel Mitschke, Randy Scheunemann
Game Artist: Len Peralta Publisher:  Steve Jackson Games
Release Date: 2017 Setup: Each round one person from the group will act as the dealer, where the role of the dealer will rotate to another player after a round. Each other player will receive a player card which are identified by the border surrounding the edge of the card. Player cards have three identifiable traits:
Shape: Circle, square, or  triangle.
Colour: Green, Orange or purple.
Bug: Ladybug, fly or no bug.
How to Play: At the chosen pace of the dealer they will flip the deck of oddly shaped cats. The other players will aim to slap each card that matches at least one element of their player card. The first player to slap will win the card (even if the card doesn't match any elements).

Cthulhu Dice: Review

Cthulhu Dice: ReviewInformation:Mechanics: Player Elimination, Dice Rolling Player Age: 10+ Player Count: 2 to 6 Players  Time to Play: 5 Minutes Game Designer:Steve Jackson Game Artist: Alex Fernandez Publisher:  Steve Jackson Games
Release Date: 2010 The Game: Components:Glass Stones: There are 18 glass stones that were definitely made with quality in mind and will last through many many replays. In the game these will represent your sanity.

12 Sided Die: Will be used as the main item on any players turn and can also be used in a variant for munchkin.
The Box: this game lacks a lasting box and instead will use a ziplock bag as the game container.

Objective: The goal of cthulhu dice is to be the last sane player (the last with sanity tokens). This will either result in winning the game or if as a group you are playing a series of games, then this will score you a point towards victory.
Setup: Deal each player three glass stones (sanity tokens) and place the rest in the centre between the …