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11:59: Review

11: 59: Review


Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Real-Time
Player Age: 13+
Player Count: 2 Players
Time to Play: 3 - 5 Minutes
Game Designer and Artist:  Chris Rossetti
PublisherRampage Games LLC
Disclaimer: A preview copy for the game was provided by the publisher. The components and rules can change in the final version.


It is time to go to war! How do you win said war, well, you must launch your nuke and kill two VIP's or gain five diplomacy tokens. This game can be played as a one-off filler or in a campaign mode where the first to seven points wins (three points from killing the VIP's, and two points for winning with diplomacy).


A) Dice: These are the dice that each player will roll in real time.

B) VIP Meeples: Each player will start with two of these, and will be trying to protect their own while destroying the opponents.

C) Diplomacy Gems: Used to win by diplomacy or to rebuild a chevron bunker.

D) Chevron Bunker: Protects your VIP's.

E) Nuke: Destroys an enemy chevron bunker or a VIP meeple.


- Give each player two chevron bunkers (stacked), two VIP meeples, two dice, and one nuke laying down (all of the same colour).
- Place the remaining components in the middle.

How to Play:

Each player will roll both their dice as fast as they can in real time until they either receive a combination of seven or the same number on both dice (doubles). When you roll one of these values you will be able to take an action while the other player is still able to roll.

Roll Seven:

This is where you will be using your charm to either gain one diplomacy or spend one diplomacy to build a chevron bunker.

Roll Double:

With a double, you can go on the more offensive front, and make the opponent lose one diplomacy point, arm your nuke or shoot your nuke if already armed.
When shooting a nuke you will lay it down so it is then disarmed (has to be armed to shoot), and either destroy a chevron bunker or, if there are no bunkers, destroy a VIP meeple.

This will continue happening in real time until either one player have both VIP's destroyed or someone has gained five diplomacies.

Final Thoughts:

- Portable
- Either strategy has an equal chance of winning.
- More thinking than typical speed games of this weight.

'11:59' stands out from other speed games of this weight due to whenever an action roll occurs, a tactical decision must also be made. This may seem small but helps keep the game engaging and fresh. The luck of the dice may lead you to focus on one strategy and ignore the other strategy, this shines a lot more through a campaign game where numerous rounds are played. If you like accessible and speed driven games then seek this one out on Kickstarter.

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