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Green Box of Games: Review

Green Box of Games: Review


Mechanics: multiple such as dexterity, abstract and racing
Player Age: 5+
Player Count: 1 - 10 Players (Varies)
Time to Play: Varies
Game Designer and Artist: Jørgen Brunborg-Næss
PublisherSelf Published
Year Published: 2017
Disclaimer: A review copy for the game was provided by the publisher.

What is it?

The "Green Box of Games" is an assortment of parts that allows the players to play multiple types of games. Similar to how a pack of cards allows for immeasurable differing games, the green box of games allows you to play multiple types of board games.

Each of these games have different key information for the players such as time to play, player count, and difficulty weight, but more on the types of games later. First off, I'm going to illustrate exactly what is included in this magical box of wonders.


There are numerous components enclosed within; tiles, cards, cubes, and dice.


There are 36 tiles where groups of 6 correspond to 6 symbols shown on the cards. The backside of the tiles can be used to setup certain boards such as the one for the backgammon game.


There is a 54 card deck. These can be separated via two ways; the colour of the surrounding border, or the symbol on each card. Each card has one of six symbols and a number from 1 - 6.
The number is also represented in the form of ‘pips’ (black dots). Additionally, there are two joker cards with the symbol that can be found on the back of the tiles.


There are 20 cubes of each of the four following colours: yellow, green, red and blue.


There are 2 six-sided dice.

Types of Games:

The types of games featured can vary from war to set collection, racing, dexterity and abstract.
These games include originals from the designer of the green box, community made games, games heavily based on established favourites (such as incan gold and carcassonne), and classic games such as backgammon and tic-tac-toe. The rulebook that comes with the game only holds 16 games, however, once you have played these the wiki site holds an additional 50 games with the probability for more. Fans can enter ideas through contests run by the green box designer, which is an exciting and fun way to incorporate the community.

Final Thoughts:

- no shortage of games to use this system for
- perfect for travel
- games are hugely varied, from war games to dexterity games
- the components are designed with many games in mind

- the art is purely functional

The ‘Green Box of Games’ definitely has a bright future. It is perfect for travel, and is not only varied between the types of games playable, but also in the level of complexity, so it appeals to multiple ages. With new games added frequently it would be great to see more components added in the future, or a physical compendium of the games that have accumulated on the wiki. However, as is, this is a no brainer to take travelling or for testing out modern hobby games, the "Green Box of Games" is the modern day version of a pack of cards, who wouldn’t want this!!

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